Nutribuddy Roundup

So it has been 14 days since I started using the Nutribuddy breakfast shakes. I can’t express how convenient they are, they’re a god send when I’m running late for appointments or have slept longer than anticipated. They’re really quite filling too which is handy. I will say though, if you’re not a fan of lumps then it may not be for you unless you want to spend time blending or shaking for some time which defeats the object. I’m not a fan of lumps but I find it’s a manageable amount. The powder is made up of seeds, oats and coconuts so it’s a good kind of lump lol!

I haven’t been able to stick to Veganuary as well as I had hoped, but every morning at least I know I’ve have a guilt-free breakfast. If you’re on the go and are on the look out for a product that tastes good without the calories, then Nutribuddy is definitely something to try! The shakes were quite filling, as well as actually enjoyable to drink. They have even added a new strawberry flavour to the brand, which I imagine will be just as nice as the chocolate flavour I have. The 14 day supply I was sent on a PR basis costs £14.99. You can check out their range here. Would I continue to use this product? In my honest opinion, I probably would for the convenience of a fast tasty breakfast. I know some people may think £14.99 for some milkshake isn’t great, but my husband spends £1.50 on a ready made one full of sugar and fat all the time. I think if you’re someone who takes pride in only purchasing vegan friendly products then this is something to try out!

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