Challenge Catch-up!

Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant which will make the body stronger, more flexible as well as providing a faster recovery time. I’ve not been able to hit the gym this month yet but when I have had the time I’ve been putting on YouTube for workouts to complete at home. Since using the BetterYou body butter my aches have been less apparent, and I really do love the bath flakes. The magnesium and the heat really do relax your whole body. It’s only been a week so I am yet to feel the difference in my sleep but the whole family’s routine has struggle to get back to normal since Christmas.

You can find magnesium naturally in foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds and almonds amongst others but if you’re a bit like me and not a fan then I’d definitely try BetterYou. Currently there is 25% off their magnesium products so get in quick to save some pennies!Transdermal products are effective faster than food as they skip the digestive system and absorbing immediately.

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