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Right, so I’m only a matter of days in & im pleasantly surprised with the replacements I’ve found. Tesco has been really good for providing alternative dairy products. However, my biggest struggle is how common dairy is! I feel as though I can’t avoid it, chocolate, cake, sauces. I know there are vegan friendly options out there but I have been sneaking the odd bad food in 😳 but I have still lowered my intake dramatically and it’s still early days. I think once I find some recipes that aren’t full of foods I hate I’ll find it much easier. I think long term I would find it much easier to cut out meat but I’m still going to keep trying. Tonight me and my toddler are having burgers & carrot fries with dairy free cheese & mayo! <
do feel better after a meal than I would normally. The folks over at Nutribuddy are sending me a 14 day supply of breakfast shakes that are sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free & of course cruelty-free! I've opted for the chocolate flavour as I'm thinking I'll add my Alpro chocolate soy milk. I'll be blogging about that when they arrive & links to where you can try your own.

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