New Years Resolution

I am focusing on just one thing this year. I want to be healthy. I want to get back at the gym and in turn I know I’ll feel better mentally. I’ll be taking the BetterYou 30 day challenge. It’s thought that 70% or us are magnesium deficient, which I find shocking. The guys at BetterYou have sent me a box of products to help kick start my new healthier year. They specialise is transdermal magnesium, unlike most products that you consume this bypasses the digestive system and absorbs immediately. I’ve never tried a product of its kind before so I’ll be interested to see how well it works. If you’re intrigued you can check them out here. Magnesium is full of benefits, one of which is aiding muscle repair. I’m going to be in great need of this considering how much I’ve been slacking at the gym, my body will be in for a shock when I return. For the first day of the month I have just had to the most relaxing bath using the magnesium flakes. My muscles felt so relaxed, I wish I knew about this stuff when I was pregnant, as they’re suitable as well as being so relaxing. As I write this my toddler is splashing around in her bath, I’m hoping it’ll have some affect on her too and help her wind down before bed!

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