Boxing Day Haul

If you follow me @millennialmomentsblog on Instagram, you will have seen my love for Makeup Revolution. I have my fair share of their products now, and I’m so impressed with the quality. I popped into my local Superdrug and couldn’t believe the deals in front of me. Before I knew it I had a big basket full of goods. I bought a large blush and highlight pallet purely because it was so cheap, at £6.99. It’s pretty good I must say. My go to brow product has been Revolution Brow Pomade for a while now, so I thought I would give their brow palette a go. I’ve not created my best brow with it, but in all fairness I probably haven’t put in my best effort. The Brow Amplification was reduced to £6.99 as well. I normally pay £6 just for a tiny pot so thought I’d be missing out by not buying it. It came with two brow brushes and a strobe highlighter. I found I had better results with my pomade brush. I will say though the cream light shade is a great concealer for cleaning up the brows.

The sculpt & fix pallet in theory should be one of my favourites, it includes colour correcting creams and shades perfect for brightening and contouring. For £6.99 I can’t complain, it even came with two brushes and a fixing spray. My most expensive purchase was a whopping £23.99…crazy I know lol. The Revoholic box is full of products worth £100. I had the brush set in my basket for £9.99 and my friend who works in the he store pointed out that for an additional £14 I could get the brushes along with 5 pallets, which included blush, highlights and shadows. So I couldn’t resist and got the box, which is actually very handy as my makeup case can’t fit much more in!

In this photo I experimented with a range of orange and brown shadows. The highlight was from the new blush pallet & my liner and lips were Oriflame products. My application was terrible but it’s the first liner I’ve used that doesn’t transfer onto the hood of my eye through the day 🙌🏼 you can get your own from ✌🏻

I got the studio brushes because they were 99p and I figured even if they’re not great I will have spares when my real techniques and Revolution brushes are being washed. The big set which included the beauty blender was £5.99, although the blender is terrible, still a bargain. The smaller box was only £1.99.

As you can see I’m running out of room! Needs to be bigger to fit my big pallets😅

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