Anti-relationship goals

I was talking to a friend recently who was saying how seeing friends social media’s posts makes her wish she had what others were posting about. You know the couples who literally are so amazing that no love could ever compare? Which must be great if that’s what you genuinely have. However, I’m not convinced that all is what it seems. Not everyone is happy 24/7, that’s just life. People tend to prioritise posts that make themselves appear better or happier than they may actually be. There’s nothing wrong with showing the world how happy you are, go for it-that’s great. I think a lot of people will be disappointed if they think life and relationships will be the same as what they see when #couplegoals is tagged. Some may say you shouldn’t settle, which is right. Get a person who treats you amazingly, but know that it’s not going to be that way 24/7.

I honestly believe you need a bit of conflict to have a happy healthy relationship. I love my husband dearly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t call him a bastard every day. Life gets in the way of the ‘perfect relationship’. At times you’re tired, overworked and you need a break. In our case, being parents has completely changed our relationship. Every night we have a toddler kicking us to sleep, and every morning we look at her and can’t believe we made such a perfect little person. We recently made a point of having a night away in a hotel, it probably looked like we had an amazing romantic time, which is true to a degree. We still were getting annoyed at each other over menial things, that I can’t even remember now 🤦🏼‍♀️.

Love isn’t measured by how many dates you go on or materialist gifts. Love is despite the lack of sleep, lack of time for affection you still want to be with them regardless. A relationship is built upon the good and bad. People say to me ‘it’s alright for you you’re married and have been together years’ which is true, it’s alright for me now. But there was a time that we couldn’t stand the sight of each other, and seeing my now husband enraged me with a deep anger 😂. I’m very open about his fuck ups, anyone who had me on Facebook winter of 15/16 will know this.

Relationships aren’t and never will be black and white, whether you bicker about who takes the bins out or have serious arguments you shouldn’t ever feel your relationship isn’t as good as anyone else’s. It’s yours. Your partner is the person you love and want to be with. Your love doesn’t mean any less if your boyfriend doesn’t make a cute status about you, although it is of course a nice thing to do once in a while. Don’t be discouraged by seeing soppy status’, we all pick what we want people to see. My husband and I do nothing but insult each other, we still have a great relationship. Most of the time. I suppose. A bit.

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  1. Social media also has the opposite effect. You describe envy.
    The opposite effect to which I refer is disillusionment at the amount of cruelty in this world which is continuously exposed on FB and other media. My wife is always showing me examples of how dogs are treated in Spain and Romania.
    There are also problems caused by throw-away comments which are taken out of context, lead to heated discussion and further mis-understandings, and very soon blow up out of all proportion. My own remedy for this is to deliberately not accept friend requests from any family members.


    1. That is so right. We’re contsantly bombarded with hateful videos full of anger and violence. I guess it’s better to express love and affection, it’s a shame people exaggerate in order to feel superior. Words are too often taken the wrong way!

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