Photography Present

Every week we pop into the shops around town and something tends to catch my eye. Recently, since blogging and instagramming my love for photography has reoccurred. Back in my A-Level days my nan bought me a Nikon digital camera, and I dug it out a few months back. However, phones these days are incredibly clear I find I can take better photos with my iPhone 8. Tom knew I had my eye on a Nikon D3200, and he took it upon himself to go and buy it as an early Christmas present. I was so happy. We took it to the zoo, but we found we didn’t have the patience with a new camera so snapped what we could on my phone.

We have since been playing around with it and are slowing learning how to use it, it’s been years since I studied my GCSE & A-Level photography. It will probably be a while before I get some good snaps. While we’re on the topic of photography, a couple weeks ago I approached a local tog who took some lovely shots for my blog and social media. I’m really pleased with the outcome and have uploaded a few already. His name is Andrew Mackenzie and you can find his work by clicking here and here.

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