Style Counsel

Recently I’ve been treating myself for once, and getting back into fashion and what looks good this season. I’ve been wearing my thigh high boots & mustard & karki colours. I recently came across an app called Style Counsel which has been a life saver. It’s an app where you can upload a photo of an outfit, or two and get fast opinions on what people prefer. Some users have been using it for make up looks too!

Everyday I sit and answer other users questions and get some outfit inspiration. Everyone has really different styles and sport a variety of looks. My first post was two outfits I was torn between to wear this Saturday coming.

It’s clear to see which outfit was preferred. I like being able to get opinions from people who I don’t know, who aren’t obligated to tell me something looks good when it doesn’t. If you want to get involved, which I strongly would recommend then you can download here. However, Style Counsel is only available for Apple users. It literally is like having a stylist in your pocket, and you get feedback from bloggers as well as the community. Everyone is so friendly, the next time I’m in a changing room I’ll be using this app to see which outfit is worth buying. No more having to be told by my husband ‘looks alright yeah’!

Also, if you’re on the lookout for new clothes visit Andreia Boutique. You can make use of my discount code JOANNE15 and save 15%!

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