International Men’s Day

Men, boys, lads whatever it s you call them today is the day we should some appreciation for our men. It’s about raising awareness to men’s health, celebrating their achievements and highlight inequalities they face.

In Europe the suicide ratio is 4 men to every 1 lady who ends their life. In men under 45 it is the biggest killer of men in the UK. I find this statistic truly heartbreaking. Men typically don’t discuss their mental health and seek help. Quite often men turn to alcohol, the rates of male alcoholism is three times of what the female rate is. Alcohol is known to be a depressant and is highly addictive so it is a recipe for disaster. Inequalities focus on men being tough, thick skinned and emotionally closed off. Men have emotions too (crazy I know). Even from young boys, phrases like ‘don’t cry like a girl’ are still used. This is setting our children up to feel ashamed to express their emotions and scared to think of how society will see them. It needs to stop.

Now here’s for the positive bit! Celebrating our men. We have an incredible army of men (and women, but this is their day lol) in our armed forces, emergency services and lots of other roles. Every day we rely on these men to run into dangerous, whether it is a war zone or flame filled building. So many lives are saved by these selfless men. I have a very female dominated family, but there are two men in my life who put up with us all. My dad is one of the most hard working people I know, he has always provided for his family and I can’t thank him enough. He is approaching 60 but still wakes up at 3am and does a days graft. The other man in my life is my husband, Tom. Although he really does grind my gears sometimes he really is so special to me. Not only did he give me my daughter, but he puts a roof over our heads and put us before anything else. So ladies, today is the day you need to show your appreciation, if you don’t do it already. Ask a colleague how he’s doing, tell him he’s doing a good job. Happy IMD!

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