Festive Food Hampers

As Christmas approaches, lights are starting to be lit, trees are being decorated and cupboards are being stocked. People lose sight of the reason we exchange presents. It’s to bring joy to others, seeing their face when they get the game they’ve wanted for months, or the make up brushes that have just hit the shops. Unfortunately, for hundreds of thousands of families in the UK they will rely on food banks for their next meal, with no chance of a Christmas dinner.

Since the roll-out of Universal Credit there has been an increase of demand for food donations. The 6 week wait for a first payment is leaving families in rent arrears with no food or toiletries.

If you would like to get involved, find out where your local food bank is and what items they are in need of. Typically they accept most non-perishable foods like; rice, pasta, porridge and tinned meat and veg. However, my local food bank run by The Trussel Trust is asking for Christmas orientated donations so those living in poverty too can have a cracker and treats. Sanitary products are another essential that people in some circumstances cannot afford, so please bare that in mind. It costs a woman around 20k over a lifetime, it really does add up. Some teenagers even skip school because they cannot afford the products. It’s essential we help.

This year I for one will not be going overboard buying 4 different joints of meat and 6 boxes of biscuits. Instead I’ll be thankful for the roof over my head and food in my cupboards. Even if you cannot afford to buy especially I’m sure there’s something hidden in the back of a kitchen cupboard that would be gratefully received.

❄️Spread Christmas joy to everyone this year, not just family. ❄️

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