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Anxiety is such a common issue so many of us face daily. Some of you reading this will know I am one of those who struggle with anxiety if you have followed my blog. In my personal experience when I have a panic attack I struggle to breathe, I have heart palpitations and chronic stomach pain. Others may experience different symptoms. I first realised I had a problem when I was around 13 and my anxiety was so bad we made the decision to try homeschooling. My first memory of having a panic attack was going to a firework display and suddenly walking within a crowd and couldn’t control my need to leave the situation urgently. My heart began to race and I was desperate to get away. It was only once I was talking to a counsellor I realised that counted as a panic attack, because at the time I thought you typically felt like you were going to die, which wasn’t the case.
Looking back I believe I had anxiety throughout my childhood. I grew up in a household situation that wasn’t ideal and led to me worrying daily. It wasn’t until I was old enough and understood more I realised I had the same issues just in a milder form. If you think you are suffering from anxiety you can watch this to see if any of the symptoms explained apply to you.In order to try and help with my symptoms I sought help from my GP who prescribed me anti-depressants. Medication isn’t for everyone and there are other means of help out there but this is what I felt I needed. There is no magical cure but people often express how medication is a life line that changed everything for them. There is no shame in seeking help, and there are different routes available which will suit some more than other.  However, if you are experiencing mild anxiety that you think might be managed by natural remedies there is a one available. More than 15 clinical trials show that a daily capsule of uniquely prepared, pharmaceutical quality lavender oil can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, with benefits evident in just two weeks. The capsules were found to be as effective as commonly used anti-anxiety medication.Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that act as messengers between nerve cells, allowing the brain to communicate effectively with the rest of the body. Studies suggest that imbalances, deficiencies, or disruptions in neurotransmitters are very common in the modern population and can contribute to numerous health conditions. It is important to help yourself now rather than later.
Kalms Lavender is a one-a-day capsule that helps relieve symptoms of stress, nervousness and mild anxiety. It is only suitable for adults and is available at Superdrug, Boots or most supermarkets. Alternatively you can buy online at www.kalmsrange.com.

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