Brinley Williams Ltd

Brinley Williams was lovely enough to send me a personalised mug! The website offers you a range of personalised gifts. From a mug like mine, to candles and clothing there is something for everyone. There was a huge range of designs available to choose from, but I opted for the mug you may have seen on my Instagram account. Here is a photo my chosen product…


I decided to stick with my blog name, so I can enjoy a cuppa in my blog mug while blogging! This design was almost exactly the same as my logo so it was a no brainer, it was meant to be. As the weather has gotten colder, I use my new mug nearly every evening when I’m warming myself up on the sofa with a hot chocolate or tea.

Now we’re in November I’ll be browsing Brinley’s website for Christmas gifts for all thee family. I try and support small businesses as much as possible. The website even has rude gifts! If you’re partial to a cheeky slogan and gifting such presents, I’d highly recommend adding Brinley Williams to your Christmas Gift List. I have my eye on a couple I know my husband would find hilarious!

You can follow Brinley Williams on Instagram.

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