Logojoy Love!

So I haven’t been blogging as much as I have wanted to. During the past few weeks I was super busy getting everything in place for my wedding. We tied the knot last Thursday so can get back to doing what I love, after marrying the man I love.

Upon my return I have opted to get a new logo for my blogs brand. I designed my logo myself, on Logojoy.com. It really was simple and fast, great for a blogger mum like myself. My phone is like a limb to me, so I created my new logo on my iPhone. As you start the creating progress the website generates a list of logos for you to select the kind of style you like. I opted for simple as I always do!

Once my kind of style had been established I was presented with a selection of logos to choose from. This is my final product.

I had a play around with the shades of grey and fonts and decided this was my favourite look. I’m not overly computer literate but even I could create my own logo. The website even gives you the chance to include small shapes and picture logos along with the name of your business.

Logojoy even previews what your fabulous new logo would look like on business cards and t-shirts etc. This feature wasn’t really useful for me personally as I don’t have the need for anything like that. However, if you have any kind of business and website that needs a new look, I highly recommend this website, it really is the #1 logo designing site to use. You can pay via PayPal too, which if you’re like me and never have card details to hand you can speedily order.

Over 1 million people have created and bought their lovely logos, so find out for yourself by visiting logojoy.com! I hope you like my new logo as much as I do. Let me know if you use Logojoy!

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