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Shriek Week Full width image 2017
TRICK OR TREAT? If you visit Colchester Zoo you will definitely be in for a treat, although it may be frightful. Almost every year I go to Colchester Zoo for Shriek Week and Fright Nights. As autumn is taking its toll with it’s cold weather and shorter days, what better way to make the most of a day out than going to the zoo and staying until closing time. The zoo keepers and staff dress up into their scariest costumes and put on fantastic shows. They encourage children to join in too and host competitions, so you can make the most of any costumes you have invested in.

They have their usual encounters with the animals and some with Halloween twists. The event is appropriate for most ages as they provide Witchy Ratings for all of the activities, giving a clear indication of what will and wont be overly frightful. The zoo is ranked in the top 2 in the UK, with 60 acres of land filled with 260 species of animals. If you’re a larger family you may find it is a pricey day out, however they do sell passes which allow you access unlimited for 12 or 24 months. I was a cardholder and would visit a lot!

You can save some pennies by taking a packed lunch, the zoo has plenty of picnic areas dotted around the place for you and your family to rest your feet and fill your tummies. However, if you don’t feel like carrying around food all day you’re spoilt for choice with food outlets.

My favourite part of the Fright Night is the Train of Terror. Each year the theme varies, but it is always terrifying. This is not something I would recommend for younger visitors, it definitely makes the adults jump out of their skin, let alone a tot. The zoo staff really are remarkable, their acting skills are considerably impressive and effort is remarkable. I am getting married this year so will have to try and fit in the Fright Night on the 28th!

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