Babylon Bargain

As a mother I have been faced with the struggle of finding soft and gentle soaps for sensitive new skin. Ivy has been known to really flare up with certain big named brands. When I came across this opportunity of a collaboration I was so excited to find a new source of pure products.

When your item arrives you’ll know it’s from Babylon Tree by the cute rustic cardboard box it’s packed in, it’s even recycled! My soap was placed on the straw you can see in the photo, giving it a present kind of feel. It’s great knowing that the product is made locally in my home county and 100% natural ingredients. I’ve found it is hard to source reasonably priced soap that ticks as many boxes as Babylon Tree do.

Oats can actually be helpful for acne prone skin so I opted for this as I suffer myself with oily blemished skin, as well as my daughter having eczema. I noticed that my skin had started to feel a lot softer after using this soap. The honey ingredient is another win for me as honey is anti-bacterial naturally so I trust I won’t have a break out. As a millennial I’m only 21, but it’s good to know I’m using a product that prevents ageing skin.

Here you can benefit from £5 off of orders over £20. You’ll be pleased to know that 10% of online orders are donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. This is a cause close to my heart, as a close family friend is enduring her second battle with cancer and has found great comfort in accessing their services.

Vegan ✅ Handmade ✅ Natural ✅ Charitable ✅

Do I need to say anymore?

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