Flight Fiasco

As a bride to be, I’ve been seeing so many ladies concerned about their flights being cancelled and disrupted. It’s been reported that 400,000 people are going to be affected by this, I can’t imagine the stress and upset this must be causing the families everywhere. So much planning goes into a honeymoon, or even a normal holiday. The new clothes, beauty preparation, spending money saving and packing itself is a big enough chore. The honeymoon is the light at the end of the very stressful wedding tunnel that goes on usually for months on end. Unfortunately, for many brides the light is still at a distance.

What makes this even more frustrating is that Ryanair haven’t been clear as to what has been occurring, and they are facing legal action. The flights have been cancelled due to the staffing levels, a lack of pilots. The really vital members of staff for a business that involves flying planes. Not only this, but even the ones who were able to go ahead with their journey have had to suffer temperatures of 25c in an attempt of the airline saving money. For families being affected will mean that anyone who paid the extortionate school holiday prices, may not even get to experience their family holiday. Nobody wants to disappoint their children, I know I’d be heartbroken if my daughter was looking forward to an exciting holiday and it was cancelled.

My anxiety would not be able to cope with this stress, and it’s news like this makes me feel relieved that we can’t afford to travel abroad for our honeymoon. Sadly the cancellations are going to be for flights between November all the way through to March, so it’s really worth keeping an eye out to see what updates they provide. I hope the number of affected customers doesn’t rise any more.

In the meantime, if you’re one of the unlucky customers that’s concerned about where you stand legally, you can check out https://www.flightdelayclaims4u.com/airlines/ryanair. Here you’ll be advised whether you have a claim by highly trained advisors. Even if it’s not a flight issue that’s recent, they can even help you with problems you have faced within the past six years!

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