Blackheads Banished?

A few weeks ago I decided to finally try the Misfit blackhead mask that was cropping up all over my social media. I wasn’t prepared to pay the full amount, so I took advantage of an offer when it was £5.

I followed the instructions exactly, and opened my pores up before apply. I waited the suggested time to ensure I could get the best results possible. I was psyching myself up for the dreaded peel-off process. Not going to lie, it’s a tad painful, but bearable. To begin with my nose now felt a lot smoother and softer, but I noticed after a while my skin became much drier than usual. Visually, I think possibly it’s pulled a few out but nothing to shout about. Not sure if it was the hairs being plucked or the blackheads 🤔.

Here’s the evidence:

IMG_2674 Overall, I will continue to use this product as I do think its helping to some extent. Would I buy more? Probably not. I don’t feel this is worth more than what I spent on it, I’d recommend this product if you’re yet to find one that works at all. This is the first product of its kind I’ve tested, so don’t have anything to compare it to. If you have a product that requires an honest review, contact me.

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