I know we’re only in September and people are already mentioning the ‘C’ word. As much as I love the the festive period, nothing compares to my love of Halloween. It’s an excuse to do all my favourite things; watch Hocus Pocus, eat sweets, get creative with make up and dress up! I think Halloween is the only time in the year I actually get really excited for, as soon as I see the decorations in the shop I’m away with the fairies.

This year we’re in our first house so will be expecting visits from Trick or Treaters, which will be fun seeing the locals dressed up and having fun. Last year was Ivy’s first ever Halloween and we took her out with her cousin Bobby, who really loves wearing gruesome costumes. Auntie Jo comes to the rescue every year, my record a few years ago was getting him ready in 20 minutes. I start my preparations early, I’ll start cutting and smothering old shirts with blood around a month before because I cant help myself.

Now I’m a mum it’s more for the kid’s sake, but given the opportunity I will gladly get dressed up myself and have some well deserved fun. I love everything from the early dark nights to the change in weather, Halloween is my time of year. Tom and I’s anniversary is around Halloween so we tend do enjoy the elements of it when we go out to celebrate, we used to love the Halloween sundaes at the Toby Carvery. I’m a proper Potterhead, so last year I tried to channel my inner Bellatrix and stepped away from the blood and gore. I usually play around with make up trying to look as gory as possible, but last year I wanted to use my love for Harry Potter and be a witch.

I’m kinda sad that this year we will probably miss Halloween all together. We’re getting married the week before so I can’t really complain but when I saw all the decorations in PoundLand today I was disappointed I wouldn’t get the chance to use it. I’m going to buy a pumpkin and get carving if I can fit it in around wedding planning stress. I’ll definitely make sure I consume a lot of calories once I’m a married woman and let myself go xD


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