Clacton Finds

As the summer has come to an end, us parents are starting to wonder what to do with the children. Luckily in my area, Becki decided to start a new activity for everyone to participate in. After seeing how another area had started the craze, she decided she would create a group of her own. So what is it all about?

Children around the town have been decorating stones and hiding them all around, ready to be found and re-hid or kept. From minions to birds, we’ve all been getting involved in the new craze. You dont need to be an artist to join in, whether its a toddler’s doodles or epic masterpiece, all ideas are encouraged.cff
Those joining in are asked to write ‘Clacton Finds‘ on the back of their creation, so when they are located by somebody on the lookout, the finder can post to the group Clacton Finds on facebook to let the creator know. Some have even ventured abroad! Playing along is completely free, unless you decide you want to get crafty and decorate your own. Once you have hidden your stones, take a photo hint and upload it to the facebook group to help the seekers locate the stone.

It is a brilliant way to get the kids out exploring nature and our town, exercising and socialising with others. You may find them in a park, on the seafront or maybe in a supermarket. Even when the weather isn’t so great, kids can now decorate their pebbles at home ready to be hidden. If this isn’t something that is occurring in your area, then why not start it?
If you are in the Clacton area, become a member of Clacton Finds on facebook and get involved.

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