Wedding Worries

Today makes it 45 days away from becoming a married woman. Something that should be an exciting, joyous time. However, this isn’t quite the case because I have eight bridesmaids to keep tabs on. You read right, eight. I have 4 bridesmaid dresses that still need to go to a seamstress…companies that still need paying and trying to balance being a mum and partner and losing a few more lbs by hitting the gym!

If anyone out there is reading this and planning a wedding, my advice to you is..ignore everyone. They don’t want to adhere to the colour scheme? sod them. They think you’re spending too much money? Ignore it. Someone wants to invite Aunt Sally nobody has spoken to in a million years? Tough.  Your wedding day is supposed to be about you and your partner, starting a new journey into marital bliss. Granted, they are meant to be stressful hence wedding planning is an actual business, but its easy to get swept up in the hype of it all and forget your reasons for planning the wedding.

Despite having a huge bridal party, our wedding is only a low-key affair. We’re getting married in a small registry office and off to our local pub for the after party reception. Originally I wanted to keep spending to a minimum as we have a small budget to work with, but as the planning progressed I soon realised how many fancy extras there were on offer. Candy carts, chocolate fountains, bands, photo booths just to name a few. I was prepared to save hard for them, then I realised whats the point? That money could be better spent on our home, a holiday or other elements of the wedding. So we have spent more than anticipated, but not gone crazy.

To save money we (we meaning me, as I’ve planned it all) have ordered the bridesmaid bouquets, dresses and all the small things nobody ever considers needing from China. Ebay has literally been my saviour, so if you want to get married without the £25k price tag, get on ebay and have a look around at the lovely dresses they have!

Brides-to-be, its okay to be a Bridezilla when you need to be. weddingg.jpeg

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